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​Website and waiting room videos to educate your patients, make announcements and increase sales. 

The People Behind OfficeAutomated.

The statistics for successful small business start up success is not good.
Over 50% won’t make it to their 5th year.

With over 23 years of experience and success running Multiple businesses simultaneously, the founders of OfficeAutomated Robert and Susan Barton understand what it takes to succeed.

  • The OfficeAutomated software was created initially To solve operational challenges with regard to managing employees within one of their businesses.
  • The OfficeAutomated digital marketing offering was created and delivered purely due To demand.
  • Business owners need good operations and marketing in order to be successful and profitable. OfficeAutomated provides the tools to business owners to be successful Without breaking the bank.

Robert Barton

President, Co-Founder

Robert & Susan developed OfficeAutomated to solve employee management and marketing challenges for their business Peak Performance Spine & Sports Medicine. Peak still operates today and is completely managed with OfficeAutomated. Together Robert & Susan use their 20+ years owning and operating a local business to help other business owners lessen the challenges of running and growing a business.

Susan Barton

Vice President, Co-Founder

As co-founder of Peak Performance Spine and Sports Medicine, Susan specializes in business to business marketing strategies. Through her over 20 years of experience marketing to local physicians for Peak, she is able to teach staff at other businesses how to maximize their in person marketing activities. She partners with Dr. Barton in teaching other professionals how to train and manage staff and keep their business growing and relevant in an ever changing marketplace.

Avery Wade

Chief media buyer/ Customer Support

Avery graduated from Texas A&M with a degree in economics. She is a social media 'ninja' and our chief media buyer and campaign strategist. Avery also interfaces with our clients for blog and video posting. She makes it easy to get your marketing done.

Aslam Khan

Senior Graphic Artist

Aslam is our senior graphic designer. He takes our abstract ideas and turns them into fantastic websites, brochures, wall posters or anything else we dream up. Aslam’s superpower is taking complex information and presenting it in a way that is easily understood. That skill helps our customers make more money by getting more customers.

Amitoj Singh

Senior Website Coder

Amitoj is an expert web coder specializing in conversion focused website designs. He has been bringing website designs to life for 6 years with OfficeAutomated. Amitoj is also an expert in connecting websites with 3rd party softwares to automate marketing and operational activities. When away from tech, he loves travelling to new places, meeting new people & hitting street food with his beautiful wife and little champ.

Scott Clough - Carroll

Senior Video Editor

Scott is our chief video editor and specializes in making business owner's ordinary videos look extraordinary. He does this with a keen eye for design and extensive editing skills. He hails from beautiful Vancouver, British Columbia. (which makes the rest of us slightly jealous). He loves enjoying the outdoors there we can't blame him for that!

Parry Gold

Senior Software Project Manager

Perry is our wonderful software project manager. He spends his days coordinating between our UX/UI designer, a team of programmers and Robert to bring the OfficeAuotmated software to business owners across North America. He balances the unique challenge of taking concepts from business owners to save them time and automate their businesses and turning those workflows into a useful software to help a business systematize and grow.

Natalia Pylypchuk

Senior UX/UI Designer

Nata is our UX / UI Designer. She is Nielsen Norman Group Certified which means she knows what she's doing. Nata has been instrumental in working through the entire OfficeAutomated software and painstakingly auditing the workflows and usability along with Robert. We are fortunate to have her on our team. She loves to visit cold countries, lizards and reading books when she is not designing software to help business owners succeed.