Local Small Business Owners

How to Become THE DOMINATE BRAND in Your Market by Getting More Reviews

3 Simple tips

to increase your reviews and crush your competition even if you’ve tried and failed before

Local Small Business Owners

How to Become THE DOMINATE BRAND in Your Market by Getting More Reviews

3 Simple tips

to increase your reviews and crush your competition even if you’ve tried and failed before

Are you a business owner

who struggles to know exactly what steps to take to be the ‘go to’ brand in your local market?

SEO companies are beating down your door promising the moon and stars but only deliver a big fat monthly retainer and remind you along the way to

‘be patient, these things take time.’

Are you a business owner

who struggles to know exactly what steps to take to be the to ‘go to’ brand in your local market?

SEO companies are beating down your door promising the moon and stars but only deliver a big fat monthly retainer and remind you along the way to

‘be patient, these things take time.’

All the while you google your keywords and and see your competition ahead of you in the google search results.

It’s not your fault. You’re not an expert digital marketer. You started your business

because you are a doctor, an attorney, a plumber or another small business.

How are you supposed to know who is telling the truth!

Our simple 3 step strategy

to increase your reviews is the #1 activity that will have the greatest impact on your business over your competition.

(and you can keep your SEO company if you want, what we offer will only help them more!)

Do you think more reviews could impact your business in a positive way?

What if you could implement a system and literally get more reviews starting today?

What if every day or even week, you got 1-2 more reviews than the day or week prior?

How many would you have in a month?

  • In a YEAR?
  • In 5 YEARS?

68% of millennials trust online reviews with positive reviews providing up to a 18% uplift in sales.

Up to 67% of consumers are influenced by online reviews.

Even though 67% of consumers rely on reviews to make buying decisions, a Pew Research Center study found that less than 10% of consumers regularly leave reviews.

Even though 67% of consumers rely on reviews to make buying decisions, a Pew Research Center study found that less than 10% of consumers regularly leave reviews.

Still not convinced reviews are important?

Studies show Consumers consider star rating more than any other factor when looking at reviews to make judgements about a business.


Imagine how you would feel if you had a system to generate steady and consistent reviews?

If you solve this one problem, your next greatest challenge will be how to handle all the new clients that will be flooding into your business because your reviews were so numerous and fantastic!

For the past 21 years I have owned and operated a local health clinic.

Early in business we videoed folks to show the good work we did. We called those ‘testimonials’ and frankly they are pretty difficult to pull off.

  • You had to: 
    Identify the right people.
  • They had to: 
    Be willing & able to talk on camera without freezing.
  • Our staff had to:        
    Get the sound, lighting and video recording right.
  • Then we had to:         
    Edit the video and figure out how to show the world the good work we were doing.
  • On top of all that, we had to:
    Make sure we were operating within the boundaries of what was accepted by our government. We didn’t want to be making claims that were untrue as we controlled where these testimonials were seen.

Then Google stepped in and ‘saved the day!’

In 2002, Google bought Deja who’s technology ran assets like ‘Usenet.’

That was the early days of the online review system we know and use to help our businesses today.

There are now many review platforms the public uses to share their opinions and experiences with businesses.

But there are so many benefits we get from the current review environment compared to the days when reviews were just revving up.

(Google is the most popular search engine by a long shot. They are in the business of showing the most relevant results to their customers. By getting more reviews, you are helping Google identify you as the ‘go to’ business in your area!)

  • Reviews are trusted:
    One study showed 88% of consumers trust online reviews as much as they trust a personal recommendation. That number has grown over time and will likely continue to grow as online reviews continue to stitch themselves within the fabric of society.
  • Reviews are convenient and easy to get:
    Of course this is only true if you have the right tools and strategy. More on that later. More high quality reviews for your business pretty much boils down to a steady flow of more new customers and the potential for greater business profits!
  • Reviews are legal and for the most part ‘authentic’:
    We no longer have to worry about regulatory agencies coming down on our self produced ‘testimonials’ as in authentic. The review platforms protect the integrity of the review system by constantly making changes to the rules. One such change is when Google no longer allowed ‘review gating.’ That is when a customer is sent a link and if they have a bad experience, they were sent to an internal page to voice their concerns. Only when they had a good experience are they asked to leave a review. This is no longer allowed (unless you want Google to ban you from the review system….OUCH!!)

To accomplish all of this, there are 3 steps. 


An easy to use review software platform that doesn’t break the bank.


Training and accountability for your staff.


Review amplification on your website and email communication to your patients.

We call this the ‘Business Reputation Upgrade’ package.

No matter what your business reputation is currently, any business can upgrade their reputation with the right tools, strategy, training and implementation.

Our Business Reputation Upgrade package has 3 components.

  1. 1
    Your reputation management software so you can send review links, manage reviews and amplify your reviews in emails and on your website.
  2. 2
    Your reputation management course and additional software to train your staff how to identify and ask for reviews from your customers. (You can also use this software to train and hold your staff accountable in every other aspect of your business…more on that later)

(You can also use this software to train and hold your staff accountable in every other aspect of your business…more on that

  1. 1

  2. 2

  3. 3
    You get a chat widget to put on your website so website traffic can be engaged by your staff….live as they are reading all of your fantastic reviews which we stream from your review software. We call this 'review amplification'
  4. 4
    Bonus : We’ll even take over your website hosting as a bonus if you are tired of paying inflated website hosting fees.


(This is absolutely FREE for those that act fast)


(Website hosting is absolutely FREE for those that act fast)

I know what you are thinking… ‘how much!?

I hate to go cliche’ here but here we go anyway…

any reputation management software products are out there for around 297/mo. There are many and they all do something similar. They give you a mechanism to easily send people to your review sites and help you get more reviews.

They all have their pros and cons. But the biggest CON of all is ‘PRICE’!

And all you get is 1 software!


Then we have our customer OfficeAutomated Business Management Software.

What if you could completely systematize your business?
What exactly does that mean…?

What if every time you lost an employee you were able to plug your new employee into a complete system for onboarding, training, HR, accountability for their responsibilities, communicate with them and track their key performance indicators, all with one login?

I know what you’re thinking….that doesn’t exist at a price I can pay!
But it does, you just haven’t heard about it yet.

Let’s just do a quick summary of all you get….

  • Reputation management software
  • Reputation management course to train your staff
  • A complete digital business management system that includes a digital office manual a digital learning management system for your business that you can add anything to. (think initial and cross training for your employees)
  • Digital human resources management
  • A chat widget for your website
  • Website hosting at no additional cost

Why pay 297/mo when you can have our entire Business Reputation Upgrade for 197/mo!
And that’s not all.

As a business owner, have you ever found yourself wanting to:

  • Change a page on your website
  • Design a new brochure or marketing materials
  • Design a new poster for your office highlighting a new service offering…
  • Produce and edit a video to be used on your YouTube channel and blog…
  • Have some SEO work done on your website….or maybe set up a Facebook or Google awareness campaign to advertise your business?

You generally have 2 options for these types of services.


Do them them yourself (and if you have all these skills, you are literally in the wrong business. You need to open a full service marketing agency!)


Hire a full service marketing agency at considerable expense, and turn them loose!

Retainers at full service marketing agencies can run thousands of dollars per month!

Our customers have access to any and all types of creative talents to create, design, write, edit or do anything regarding marketing, advertising and everything in between for a low flat hourly rate. Most of the time that is 54/hour. Some specialists can be more but it is rare.

Compare this with the standard 125-200/hour you are charged at full service agencies!

So with our offering you get:

  • A reputation management software platform to upgrade your reviews and online reputation.
  • A course for your employees to train them how to maximize getting you more reviews.

An entire business management platform where your employees watch the course but also provides you with:

  • A completely digital and customizable office manual
  • A digital timeclock
  • Digital HR management
  • A company task manager
  • Daily employee checklists
  • A statistics dashboard to track anything you want
  • A company curriculum where you can put in training and SOP’s for your company Vacation, PTO and sick time management
  • A company events calendar
  • Company message center
  • HIPAA training for medical offices

Literally everything you’ve ever needed to create systems for your business and hold your employees accountable to those systems!

  • Website hosting (but only if you are tired of paying extra for this!)
  • Chat widget for your website (so you can engage your visitor looking at all of your wonderful reviews and get them on your schedule or move them closer to being a customer!)…
  • And don’t forget access to our numerous and talented creative folks to literally tackle any web, print, digital marketing, video or any other type of project you need to grow your business!

Just keep in mind this very important principle….

‘He or She who has the  best digital reputation, WINS!’

So all of this starts with implementing a system of getting more reviews and displaying those reviews literally everywhere you can think!

  • In your website
  • In your emails
  • On your walls at your business….and everywhere in between!

Here is the best news of all…

All of this would literally cost you a small fortune had you not stumbled across our offer. Consider typical costs for everything we offer:

  • Reputation management platform 297/mo
  • Review training course for your employees $497 (it would be totally worth it! Reviews are that important)
  • Website hosting 49/mo
  • Business managenent software 497/mo   (10-50 employees)
  • HIPAA training $49 per employee
  • Website chat widget 97/mo

Where are we so far….

  • That’s over $940 in monthly costs and that doesn’t even include the 1 time and per employee costs!
  • The one time employee costs alone would be another $987.00!
  • So for the first month alone to get all of this software and services you would be looking at $1927.00!

How can we offer so much for such a great price of

only $197/mo??!!

What if I told you there is no charge whatsoever for the first 30 days!

Why would we even do that??!!

Because I’m a skeptical person and I am assuming you are as well. (not to mention because I can make such a wonderful, yet ridiculous offer)

You see I think owning and operating a small busines can be easier.

It’s obviously not easy or the 5 year survival rate for new businesses would not be so awful! 

Owning and running a business is hard!   I’ve been there, believe me.

I want to make this such an easy decision because I know with everything inside of me, if you concentrate on this one thing with your employees, getting more 5 star reviews and hold them accountable to getting more reviews….this will have a tremendous positive impact on your bottom line!

And if I can make this an easy decision and you can implement our software and systems into your business, we both get what we want!

You get a smooth running business with a justifiably stunning online reputation and we get another happy customer.


The late Zig Ziglar said it best…

“You can have everything you want, if you just help enough ‘other people’ get everything they want!”

What’s the catch? There’s always a catch.

No real catch here other than we are only offering this deal to 300 businesses.

Then this particular deal goes away forever.

Think of it like Southwest Airlines….

If you call far enough ahead of time, you get the ‘Wanna get away’ rates for your ticket.

Why is that?….

Because they only sell so many seats at that rate and when they’re gone….
well, they’re gone!!

Everyone else who wants to go to that place on that day pays the higher rate for the remaining seats.


It’s a simple ‘first come, first serve policy.’

We are similar.

We are looking for business owners who are enthusiastic, understand the importance of your online reputation and are willing to install systems into their business to grow and provide jobs to the community.

Let’s face it…

As business owners it is our responsibility to not only provide for our own family’s but also the family’s of every one of our employees!

That is an awesome responsibility and one I personally, don’t take lightly!

So through some internet magic, we put a little time limit on you to take action on this amazing deal.

Think of it as separating the ‘Wheat’ from the ‘Chaff.’

Once the timer goes off for you, the price goes up to the regular 397/mo for all of our software and services.

This is your chance to get it for 50% off, forever!

But don’t forget, you literally pay nothing for the 1st 30 days. That’s so you can be properly onboarded to our software…we can hold your hand to get everything implemented and make sure this is something you can and WANT TO DO before charging you a single penny!

So you have     absolutely zero risk!


I can’t think of any other way to better help business owners solve these critical issues of:

  • Getting more reviews
  • Hold employees accountable to the systems
  • Systemitizing the business
  • Automating some marketing activities
  • Connecting to website visitors real time and turn them into customers!

We don’t require any long term contracts. There is absolutely no obligation to continue with any of our services if you are not completely satisfied with the value you are receiving!

So there is absolutely no risk to you whatsoever.


The business reputation image overhaul package is limited to 300 businesses who want a superior online reputation compared to their competition and are willing to implement the training and accountability required to get their employees on board to get more reviews for your business.


There is absolutely no long term commitment required and there are no payments for 30 days. After 30 days, the first 300 businesses will enjoy a low monthly investment of only $197/mo.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there any help with setup for the software?

I like the idea of systematizing my business, is there any other help I can get regarding how to customize your business management software to my business?

How long before I can start seeing results with reviews?

What else do you have to help my business and employees?

Doesn’t that just about cover everything it takes to run a successful business?

Robert Barton.
Founder and President, OfficeAutomated.com

Robert Barton.

Founder and President, OfficeAutomated.com