Video #1

How to Get More Customers

By Showing in 'The Google '3 Pack'

A 3 Video Minicourse to 'Level Up' Your Google Ranking

#Video 1


This 1st video gives background information on the Google My Business Ecosystem which helps a business owner understand where a business fits regarding partnership with Google. Showing in the Google 3 Pack is about entering into a 'Joint Venture' with Google by helping them get what they want. 

What is the Google 3 Pack?

This video shows the Google 3 pack and explains 2 different ways users can find you when they search on Google. 

What is SEO?

This video will define SEO and explain how your Google My Business SEO is separate but connected to your website SEO. 

How Does Google Decide to Show a Business in the 3 pack?

We will explain the factors Google uses to decide whether to show you or your competition in the 3 pack position. 

How does showing in the '3 pack' help my business?

Google will either show you or your competition for the keywords that pertain to your business. This video will help you understand what to do to outrank your competition.

Video #2

The 12 Steps to Optimize Your "Google My Business" Listing

#Video 2


Use our 13 point interactive checklist to optimize your GMB listing. 

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GMB checklist
Video #3

your GMB Listing

Video #3

What you will learn


What link do you use to appeal your suspension?

What can get you suspended?

Discover what can get you suspended by Google. (You don't want to be suspended!)

Bad reviews?

How to handle sub 5 star reviews.

Video #4

Bonus Content:
How to Claim Your GMB and invite users to manage

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I cannot believe someone would even debate the importance of content production....

I cannot believe someone would even debate about content generation in today's technology environment.

Dr. Arland Hill 
Founder, Genesis Wellness and Harvest Hills Ranch

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